Pulsar Trail XQ30 Thermal Riflescope, 1.6

List Price: $2,807.72
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Top Features: 

  • 384×288 resolution, 17UM Pixel pitch core
  • 985 yd detection range
  • 4x digital zoom – continuous zoom and 2x, 4x stepped zoom
  • Picture-in-picture digital zoom
  • Built-in recording with recoil Activation
  • 6.4×21 magnification

Item Description:

The Pulsar trail Xq30 thermal riflescope boasts advanced, user-friendly features, unheard of in its class. Get on target from any distance with the trail xq30’s variable 1.6-6.4x magnification, delivering quality heat signatures up to 985 yards away. The Xq30 eliminates the need for extra batteries with a convenient rechargeable 8-hr. Battery pack.

Capturing footage of your experience has never been easier with built-in video recording, 8GB of internal memory, rich 17µM 384x288px resolution, a frost-resistant 640×480 AMOLED display and stream vision app compatible Wi-Fi.&Nbsp; IPX7 waterproof, fog proof and dustproof, the Pulsar trail Xq30 performs flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -13° to 122°F and delivers ultra-easy user interface with ergonomic button locations.

The xq30’s popular “white hot” and “black hot” modes, 13 digital reticle options and 50Hz refresh rate provide users with fluid Imaging, customized thermal mapping and a Richly contrasted field of view. Proprietary picture-in-picture (pip) ensures repeatable, precision accuracy. Additional features include a built-in accelerometer, stadia metric range finding, convenient carrying case and wireless remote.

Comes in 3 different magnifications: 1.6, 2.1, 2.7

Offering the highest base magnification of any Trail Riflescope, the 2.7-10.8x Pulsar Trail XQ50 delivers thermal imaging and precision placement at long distances. Able to detect heat signatures at an incredible 1970 yards, shooters can engage targets without being seen or heard.

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