Aipa Prism 4×32 AR15 Rifle Scope Red/Green/Blue Triple Illuminated Rapid Range Reticle

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4X32 Rifle Scope Made of T6061 Aluminium with High grade for lightweight and durable performance.,1/2 MOA/click windage and elevation adjustments,

Item Description:

Aipa Prismatic 4X32 Rifle Scope Reticle is fixed at 100 yards and ranges out to 600 yards. The reticle is designed to allow you to make a precise shot on target very quickly without having to adjust the target. However if the distance is not known, you can use the BDC rapid ranging reticle to estimate the distance.

This scope is great in close quarter battle(CQB) scenarios for quick and precise acquisition. Specifications: Fiber optic scope with green coating

Magnification: 4X Objective Lens:32mm) Illuminate:Red/Green/Blue(5 brightness setting for each color) The Exit Pupil: 8 mm The Field of View: 7.0 degrees The Field of View @ 100 yards: 36.8 ft Len coating: Green Reticle:Rapid Range Reticle How to sight in your scope: 1. Position your target 100 yards away (or at whatever distance you wish to sight your scope at) 2. Postion your rifle on a steady shooting platfom such as a gun rest or bipod pointed at the target.

For variable magnification scopes, set your scope to the maximum magnification 3. For variable magnification scope , set your scope to the maximum magnification 4. Fire on round at the center of the target, taking care not to change the postion of the rifle 5. Using a spotting scope or binoculars, identify the bullet hole on the target 6.

Using the windage and elevation adjustment dials on your scope, adjust the postion of the crosshairs to align with the bullet hole 7. Once the crosshairs are aligned with the bullet hole, aim again at the center of the target and repeat the process until you are consistently hitting the center of the target Package include: • 1 x4x32compact Scope • 1 xCR2032battery • 2 xAllen Wrenches • 1 xCleaning Cloth > • 1 xUser Manual

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